Built for durability, longevity & dependability

There is a Difference

Cummins Genuine Parts are built to exact specifications for our products, and made using materials and procedures that match our dependable products. This is why our parts are better than non-genuine parts.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the difference between Genuine Cummins Parts and non-genuine parts. Non-genuine parts may fit a Cummins Product, but they aren’t built or re-manufactured using the same procedures or materials to Cummins exact specifications.

Using non-genuine parts does more than compromise the performance of your high-horsepower engine. It jeopardises your business and makes it hard to meet customer expectations. 

Relying on Genuine Cummins Parts is the best way to ensure the long life of your engine.

Genuine Cummins Parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring financial protection and peace of mind. The amount you save upfront using non‑genuine parts is likely to cost you a lot more further down the road. When your profitability and reputation count on it, use Genuine Cummins Parts to ensure continuous performance in a world that’s Always On. 

Genuine parts box


The Power of Recon

New Cummins engines are built with remanufacturing in mind, enabling them to have a long and fuel-efficient life. Up to 85 percent of an engine can be remanufactured, and Cummins engines are built to be remanufactured multiple times.

Cummins ReCon parts and engines have gone through disassembly, inspection, cleaning, calibration and testing to ensure they meet the same specifications as new Cummins parts or engines.

Genuine Cummins ReCon® engines and parts provide you with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, no-surprise solution that quickly puts your Cummins powered equipment back to work. 

Parts that do not meet Cummins factory standards are replaced with new genuine Cummins parts. Individual components are tested prior to assembly.

Complete engine assemblies must pass rigorous quality tests before they can be sold to a customer. They also carry a warranty from the factory.Some of the ReCon® products for trucks and buses that are available at Cummins Automotive Services and Parts include:



Following disassembly and cleaning, critical-wear parts — including seals, bearings and thrust plates — are replaced. Truck and bus turbochargers are tested for tolerance and calibration to ensure an exact match to the intake needs of every engine.

Water Pumps

All critical-wear parts are replaced, and patented unitized carbon seals are used to resist silicate deposits and leaks. Pulleys are re-grooved, and spring tension is optimized for reliability and durability. Installation gaskets and seals are included with truck and bus water pumps.

Lube Oil Pumps

Body and cover are inspected. Bearings, bushings, seals and gaskets are replaced. Then truck and bus pumps are tested to ensure correct flow and pressure.

Valvoline Premium Blue lubricants

The Valvoline Premium Blue lubricants portfolio has been exclusively developed, extensively tested and officially approved for Cummins engines.

In partnership with Valvoline, a leading manufacturer of engine oils, Premium Blue is used at first fill and the only aftermarket lubricant recommended by Cummins.

The Valvoline Premium Blue One Solution Gen2, the latest lubricant of Valvoline’s 25-year relationship with Cummins, is a supreme quality product suitable for use in multiple fuel-type applications. It provides improved oxidation and thermal stability, in addition to extended drain intervals for both diesel and natural gas engine platforms simplifying operations for your Cummins powered equipment.

Benefits of using Valvoline Premium Blue:

Premium Blue engine oils are a Cummins genuine part, available in a wide variety of viscosities, performance levels and container sizes.


Products available

Heavy Duty Gearbox Oil – Heavy Duty Gear Oils are designed for use by true professionals to ensure high performance and protection in modern gear boxes of heavy duty equipment

Greases – Valvoline multipurpose and specialty greases offer excellent stability and protection that directly influences superior performance, durability, reliability of the engine and reduced total cost of ownership

Driveline Oils – Valvoline Driveline oils ensure optimal performance and guarantee superior extended protection against wear and corrosion

Hydraulic Oil – Valvoline Hydraulic oils provide superior anti-wear protection and heavy-duty performance

Brake & Clutch Fluids – Valvoline Brake and clutch fluids are essential to ensure effective stopping

Industrial Lubricants – Valvoline Industrial oils and lubricants are made with base oils and enhanced with additives and antioxidants to ensure superior lubrication that provide premium performance, lubrication, protection, and maximum efficiency in extreme temperatures and harsh working conditions

Tectyl – Tectyl products primarily provide protection against corrosion, moisture, chloride, salt, chipping, peeling and impingent abrasion, and they also reduce metal vibrating resonances



The Fleetguard Advantage

Fleetguard offers a full line of filters specifically engineered for a wide range of systems. With advanced design and high-quality performance, Fleetguard heavy-duty filters give customers the ultimate protection for all of their equipment.

Mile after mile. Hour after hour. Job after job. Customers around the world trust Fleetguard. With decades of experience and an ongoing commitment to innovation, we have over 9,000 products available, all designed to meet or exceed OE performance and quality. Our advanced media technology, proven through millions of miles of testing, reduces maintenance costs and downtime while extending equipment life. 

Quality You Can Depend On
Advanced design and performance provides the ultimate protection that meets or exceeds OEM quality and performance.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Your filters are powerful tools to keep your engines running efficiently and get the most out of every drop of fuel. We’ve saved our customers millions in fuel costs while reducing the impact on the environment.

From NanoNet filter media to FleetguardFIT® filtration performance monitoring,  we’re known for technology that makes your job easier. We’ve been in business since 1958, and our products are proven through extensive testing in the lab and on the job.

One-Stop Shop
Fleetguard has the widest range of filters and coolants in the heavy-duty industry. Plus, as a comprehensive supplier we support the maintenance of your equipment.

Fleetguard filtration

Dirt is Your Enemy.
We’re Your Ally.

From dusty air to dirty fuel, engines are constantly under attack in a mining environment. But with Fleetguard filter and coolant products, plus our FleetguardFIT® filtration monitoring system, your filters can last up to 1,000 hours or more between service intervals and still provide the best protection possible for your mining equipment.